InQuest Paranormal - Seeking The Truth


This EVP was captured during our Paranormal History Public Event at our stay in the Reddell House.  I was feeling a sudden feeling of sadness.



   This EVP was taken in my closet doorway. This sounds like a man. It was taken January 24th 2012. It was a cloudy day. I was folding clothes doing laundry when I turned and saw something by the corner of my eye, I felt as if  someone was watching me. I grabbed my voice recorder and began recording. You can hear it say "yea" three times, but the last "yea" was louder. You can hear the TV on the other side of the house........   

      This EVP' was taken in my Office  at home, September 2013 as I was doing some work late one night.   I felt as though I was not alone so I decided to do an EVP session. You can clearly hear the television on in the background. I was asking for the name of the person in my presence and the response I received was "Sarah".     



This EVP was taken in my home October  2013.  You can hear the water from the fish aquarium in the background. Water acts as a very good filter during EVP sessions. I was asking a series of questions and a male voice responded "the question Shavoni" .