InQuest Paranormal - Seeking The Truth

Equipment We Use..


1. Sony Camcorder with Nightshot/  Sony Hybird Plus    25x zoom w/ Nightshot....                                               
   Sony  Digital  Handycam   Camcorder DCD-TRV320  450X zoom w/ Super Nightshot......                                                                    
   Sony  Handycam  Camcorder   CCD-TRV36   330X w/ Nightshot...
   Sony DCR- DVD 610  Handy cam Camcorder w/ 40x Opitcal Zoom w/ Nightshot Plus.....
   Sony   DCR - DVD 108 Handy cam Camcorder w/ 40x Optical Zoom w/ Nightshot Plus....

   Coby   Snapp HD Digital Full-Spectrum Camcorder

2.Lighting-      Infrared  /     Phantom Lights /         Ultraviolet Full Spectrum/      New Doubled IR FSX- Full Spectrum
3.Voice Recorders -        Olympus WS-700M,    Olympus VN-700 142645,    Sony ICD-PX820,   Sony ICD-BX112,   Olympus VN-702PC,     RCA VR5220        Olympus VN-4100
                                                                      2nd Generation   Spirit Box   RT-  EVP
4. EMF     -Mel Meters -8704 R ( measures electromagnetic energy),    EMF- Mel-8704R-SDD/ with Shadow Detection

         Amplified E-Pod  (static proximity range detector)    &     EMF -Rem_Pod   /   2 -  K2 Deluxe w/ Sound

5. Thermometer  With EMF COMBO
6. Cameras -     Nikon Coolpix 10X FullHD  w/ Night Portrait and Night Landscape.. 
  . NIkon S1-. ..   Sony Cyber-shot 14.1 megapixels... ....     Samsung 4x w/ Still Shot ....        FSIR- Cam-                                            

 Bell & Howell   S7 Slim Full Spectrum & Infrared Camera ............    Sony  DSC-H50 Full HD  Digital Still Camera w/ Nightshot 15x Optical Zoom / Movie Mode.     ..........      57' & 72 "  tripods....
7. Flashlights ( plenty)
8. Olympus  Noise Canceling Microphones
9. Plenty and All Kinds of Batteries
10. Laser
11. Primos Truth Cam 35 for IR Digital Still Photos
12. Infrared Motion Detector
13. P-SB7 Spirit Box ITC Device   /    FiiO Digital Speaker   /   Sangean Ghost Box/    Orbitor Speaker
14. 1635-2-Two Way Radios
15. Ovilus X  ,       DTD Digital Display
16.     EM Pump 2

17.  Most Important ( YOUR BODY) your senses


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