InQuest Paranormal - Seeking The Truth

We are long time residents from Abilene, Texas. We do not in any way claim to be" Professionals of the Paranormal". We are a  husband and wife research team who  are NON- PROFIT. We Focus in Communication with Spirits  using  ITC Methods  and do not believe there is only one way to communicate. Experimentation  with various pieces of equipment brings us closer in the communication process.

I believe Spirits have to want to communicate with you.;  in order for them to try.  This Journey is a learning process.
As long as we have good intentions , the communication process between the Spirits and us becomes  apprehensible , thus respected.

During this time, we  have found  serious individuals who share the same passion to seek for answers of the unknown and are joining us  for  our Journey.
We are adults who take our work seriously and conduct our investigations in a professional manner.  Our experience and knowledge comes from our research and life long - personal experiences.
Our  goal and commitment is to Investigate, Communicate, Capture  and Document  the  Spirit Communication process....... that we Believe  and Know exists.   Our results, will only be shared with permission from our clients.
With all of the experiences that both of us have witnessed and shared,. with all that we've seen and see... all the stories we hear.....  This is Real ...This Exists amongst us ...We must educate ourselves to better comprehend and understand  the interaction  of unseen   disembodied spirits in this physical world.  We want to communicate.

Name:    Shyiara Shavoni   
Occupation: Certified Medical Assistant /
 I have a Degree in Healthcare Administration/ AAHAC and currently with UOPX acquiring a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology with concentration in Software Engineering BSIT/ASD
Founder and Lead Investigator of InQuest
I have had experiences since a small child, from knowing I was being watched by an elderly lady as I slept , to having Paranormal activity happen to myself and my family as a growing adult.  The Paranormal / Unexplained has always been a part of my life and those close to me.

Some experiences... are very personal to me and will haunt me forever...
I do sense when some entities are around....Although there have been sometimes when, I know it's  different and not the same.  However,
I respect them, as I would like to be respected.
We have come to the conclusion that, they're here and on some occasions, they like to be noticed and want attention.
I Know they can follow us home.
I do the best that I can to protect myself and my family.
For this reason...I'm on a hunt. To find some answers. To Communicate, To Understand, To document,   and perhaps help those who are experiencing  Paranormal
Phenomena that has been misunderstood.
I am NOT a Medium or Psychic. I am an empath/sensitive
 who has a passion for Unexplained Phenomena when it involves  Spirit Communication.  Many Spirits want to communicate and they do. Many don't or cannot.

However, there are  some  entities that are very dangerous and I know the risks involved.

I think throughout  time and my experiences in dealing with other dimensions, has heightened my senses.

I believe in  the connection of Paranormal / Ethereal Phenomena. . Some us  are connected  in a sense...I believe I am connected..or something has always been connected to me...
I have Realized that I am being lead in this direction for a reason... And have been my entire life...This reason, I don't know yet. Perhaps it is to find some thing or perhaps it is to Help others understand or help others be heard.

                                      This Is My story

"I went there of my own free will.
I went there in my finest gown,
with my rarest jewels
With my Queen of Heaven crown.
In the Underworld
At each of the Seven gates
I was striped Seven times
Of all I thought I was
Till I stood bare in who I really am."
-Inanna, Goddess for Embracing the shadows

Name : Roy Anthony    
Occupation: Owner of Concrete Creations Construction
as well as acquiring a Degree in Business Management /AABF

Co-Founder of  InQuest / Paranormal Investigator

My Story begins as a child.
Seeing shadow figures and being scared of them.
Nobody believed me.
My cousins would laugh at me when I would bring it up.
I wouldn't see them all the time.
Sometimes feelings of being chased.
As I got older I believed my house had some ghost...  phenomena.
My dogs would react to it.
They'd bark or look in a certain direction. and growl. 
After a while  I would just  not pay attention to unexplained events.
When I met Shavoni, I noticed it more.
I started seeing figures, I guess
I don't know if it was the house, But even at the store I would see , people, or kids, and I'd look again, and they'd be gone..
" Shadow people" I guess or an image of someone or something that once was...
I would ask Shavoni, Did you see that? , and she'd say, "you did too"? 
She would Describe what I saw.
She would wait to see if i saw it and have me ask her, before she'd say anything.
I've had personal experiences happen that will also stay with me for a long time...I'm sure most people do and refuse to talk about.
I can very well say that the activity of Paranormal Phenomena has increased since I've met Shavoni.

I'm a true believer in this Field. Paranormal Phenomena, unexplained events..
 I want to know more about what is happening around us. When you experience Paranormal events that affect you, you want to know more about it .
this is my story...    Roy