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Our Time off will not be long however , we will keep you posted .
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With much  Respect to those that have passed on.
          Welcome to Our Website. We are focused on finding the truth of Life beyond Death.
        After all, Death is Part of Life.
 Paranormal Existence of other Worlds perhaps.
       What happens to us when we die? Communication between the living
       and the dead. Are we truly able to co-exist?
 I believe our" Energy" is like an imprint through time, impressed by
   our Personality and Memories and doesn't just simply fade away.
We are carried through life to believe in a Higher Power. To believe, for some of
 us, in the afterlife.
So,what keeps some of us here?
 Is this how it's always been?

  What is a ghost / spirit exactly? Why do they exist? Why are they here? Why do 
             some say  that only Bad and Evil Spirits remain, but amongst that, a        
      child's laughter is heard? Are they lost or just Evil Spirits mocking 
      the living? What do they want?  Are they looking for someone
      or something? , or do they just want to be heard?
   Can We Help?


Tarot Cards
The Tarot first known as (Trionfi), sometimes called " The Book of Divination of the Gypsies" is a pack of  78 playing cards used from the Mid- 15th Century with various pictures on them until the present time. The "Tarot" has also found use by "Mystics", "Occultists" , "Gypsies" and "New Agers" in efforts at Divination or as a map of Mental and Spiritual pathways.
 The Tarot has been used to reveal hidden truths about and foresee the future of the person receiving the card reading.
Whatever their origin, there doesn't seem to be any argument that today they can be found all over the world. 
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Day of the Dead          "Dia de Los Muertos"
                               November 1st & 2nd
Latin American Holiday to love, honor, remember and pray for their departed ones. To celebrate the deceased is to accept that death is an inevitable part of life. Life and death are two sides of the same coin.
                           Life cannot exist without death.
Skulls are an ultimate symbol of mortality. 
Underneath our fleshy exterior, our very earthy existence depends upon this skeletal foundation. Therefore Day of the Dead art revolves around  skulls and skeletons.


From the Latin meaning " to be made flesh again. It is a belief that the Soul survives the Physical Death, and is reborn into the next Physical Life, the passing of the Soul from one body to the next. Our Souls never really die, we merely change our physical form, forgetting who we once were.
However, this reincarnated self carries with it some essence or identity of the past life into the next life and is usually not aware of it.
The concept of Reincarnation is easier to grasp if we understand that we are not our bodies, but our souls.
The Soul is forever Evolving.
"The Soul is older than the body. Souls are continuously born over again into this life".                 
      Quote by "Plato"




      (When Spirit Searching)
1. Ghost Hunting/ Spirit Searching should be taken as a very serious matter. "IT"S NO JOKE"
 Some Spirits/ Ghosts have been wandering around for a very long time unable to be at rest.  (They can be Angry) especially if they are constantly teased or provoked. However, some of these entities are just plain Evil and Demonic and enjoy harming the living! under any conditions.
So, if provoking is what you do, then more power to you. 
Just Always be aware of your surroundings. NEVER be alone especially if you scare easily. If your depressed or feeling insecure, sad or upset.  Don't Ghost Hunt, for you may open yourself up to an unwanted guest and they could follow you back home.
 of any situation. You have the power to invite ( Spirits/Ghosts) in so don't open yourself up if your not sure of where it may go. If you are religious, (as myself ) Be Confident and Strong in your Faith.. in your Soul, that what you believe will Protect you. Say your prayers before a Ghost Hunt and before you go to bed at night. ( one of my prayers is at the end of this page)
Some Spirits / Ghosts can find there way into your mind , into your dreams when your sleeping. ( This has happened to me ), Your mind is always awake when your asleep, susceptible to a number of things around you. To some  Spirits or Ghosts,this can be an easy way for them to try and communicate  with you or do you harm. This is an intrusion. Be Aware.
3.   INTUITION  (Sixth Sense)
We all have it. Some stronger the others.
Follow it. Pay attention to it.
When you feel something is not right. DON'T IGNORE IT !!!!
We all can sense all kinds of Phenomena. Most of us just Don't pay attention to it.
PAY ATTENTION !!!! This is our Power.
Our Bodies can Sense when we come in contact with a Spirit / Ghost.
When you focus on building this skill, you will become more confident in your findings in the Paranormal World.
Do your homework on the location you are going to investigate. Research it. Go to your local Library. Try to find local legends and stories or Haunting's reported.
Do a ( walk around)  first. Go to the property and get a feel for the location. ( in the daylight ).
If you are going to Ghost Hunt. Make sure that you are not intruding on someone's property. You may get into trouble for trespassing.  Please ask the owner.
I also recommend that you write out a contract for yourself and your team.  A waiver .
That the property owner and you can sign stating the property owner is not liable for any injury  you may sustain  during the investigation. 
This can give the property owner some relief in knowing that  he/she is not responsible if you get hurt on his/her property.
If your going to investigate an open area outside some lake or field, PLEASE take plenty of  backup batteries and flashlights. I cannot STRESS this enough !!!! , always let someone know where you guys are.
If your going at night. It's always good to keep a first aid kit and a can of mace for the physical kind of danger lurking in the wild. You may also fall and hurt yourself. So keeping a First Aid Kit is also very  important.
Be sure to have your equipment ready and fully charged ready to Rock-n-Roll.
Good Luck !!!  & Safe Hunting !!!!!
Shavoni & Roy .......
Put Fourth Your Knowledge To Do Investigations and Keep Yourself and Your Group Safe !
( David Price)


The Ouija Board
Known as the "Talking Board",that would become the first to be marketed in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1890's by Charles W. Kennard. Mr. Kennard gave the name "Ouija". What he believed to be the Egyptian word for "luck".
However, there are dangers in using this board. If you are not careful, you may invite some potentially bad spirits who can and will do you harm.  As easy as it is to bring the Spirits through this board and joke around. It might not be so easy to send them back, for they may not want to return.
I would strongly suggest, that this board is only to be used by "Experienced Individuals" who know of these dangers such as a "Psychic Medium".
Please....Please...refrain from using this board. DO NOT USE!!!!


Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in 
                    battle, be our protection against the malice
                    and snares of the devil. May God rebuke
him we humbly pray, and thou,
O prince
of the heavenly host, by the power
of God thrust into hell Satan
and all evil spirits who
wander through
the world for
the ruin of souls
Some  Haunted Locations in and near Abilene, Texas.
Abilene, Texas
The Whitten Inn:
Some of the rooms, there have been reports of belongings disappearing and then reappearing under the bed, sudden foul odors during early morning hours, the ghost of a man with a red beard and green clothes has been seen in the office, and the bathroom lights flicker off and on.
Abilene, Texas
The Tittle Luther Partnership:
Employees at this firm believe they share their building with a friendly ghost who they call " Annie". They picked this name in a drawing. Annie has been seen as a transparent image floating above the stairs. A face has been seen looking down from the second- story window. Others have had more prolonged encounters with something strange in the building.
Abilene, Texas
Lake Fort Phantom:
A Lady in a White Wedding Dress has been seen walking across the lake at night carrying a lantern, then vanishes.
Anson, Texas
Mt. Hope Cemetery
Ghost Light:
According to Legend, a young child wandered away from it's home on a cold wintry night. The Mother searched a long the road holding a lantern. The child was never found. To this day , the Spirit of the Mother still searches for her child. Witnesses have reported that a bright light travels along the road, swinging like a pendulum, as if someone's holding it.

 Anson, Texas
"Hangman's Bridge"
Bitter Creek Bridge is located on CR-455 and CR-447 in Anson, Texas. This is the site of a wrongful Execution. An innocent man was said to have been hung by the Sheriffs and Deputies in the area sometime in the 1800's. The ghost of this man is supposed to haunt this bridge seeking revenge. People report hearing groans and the wind blows on one side and not the other. There have been reports of disembodied footsteps.


Albany, Texas
Railroad Tracks
Legend says If you park your car on the track, you will feel your car being pushed off the track. A school bus was hit, killing children.
People claim to have sprinkled baby powder on the bumper, and found small finger prints in the powder.
Cisco, Texas
Laguna Hotel:
The Chamber of Commerce, owned by a local community college. Witnesses have heard footsteps and heard furniture being moved around.
Breckenridge, Texas
Hubbard Creek Lake:
It is said that , a child wearing a white shirt has been seen walking alone at night. Residents say, there was a little boy who drowned a long time ago.
A Woman who appears to be severely burned has been seen, holding a skull and standing near the waterfront. Folks who live there now, believe this spirit is a long departed resident of the area.
Breckenridge, Texas
Big Branch:
Residents claim that a woman wearing a bloody wedding dress has been seen throwing rocks into the water.
 Mineral Wells, Texas
The Baker Hotel:  

The Baker Hotel is supposed to house the ghost of a woman on the seventh floor. She was probably the mistress of the hotel manager. Distraught from an affair she jumped to her death from the top of the building. She lived somewhere on the southeast part of the seventh floor. Some say you can smell her perfume. Disembodied footsteps can be heard walking across the lobby that sound like high heels.
 This building is massive. You can see it from miles away....It is Beautiful

"The Crazy Horse"
"The Baker Hotel"